I Will Wreck Your Life

by the Due Diligence




released May 29, 2011


all rights reserved



Isaac Gillespie New York, New York

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Track Name: I Will Wreck Your Life
I will wreck your life but a little more slowly
Not like heroin, but much more like booze
I will sap your Wallet just like cigarettes and I will Weigh your body down like bad cheap food

I don't remember the first time i kissed her
But I do remember having to tell you
If I could I'd have told you that I
Never would have kissed her
But what's the point of lying? I was in the mood


You may call me a scoundrel you may call me a liar
You may call me a blackguard and man of ill counsel
You may call me an asshole you may call me a fiend You may say that I'm controlling and a tyrant!
And a pistol!


[Julian Lopez:] At 19, he was boyish
And at 20, he was quick
At 21, he was charming
22, he was just slick
By 23, he was a cheater
It was worse at 24
And it was all you could do to hope
It wasn't 25 years more


And in all your dealings you're just trying to be fair
And sometimes you don't understand just how you feel
But you would do anything for a person that you loved
And if you'd loved me forever you were prepared to die